Hearing tests

Hearing tests are carried out by a fully qualified (HCPC) Hearing Aid Audiologist. We will examine the health of the outer ear (pinna and external auditory meatus) before proceeding with a range of auditory assessments in order to ascertain:

  1. whether there is a hearing loss present and
  2. what action should be taken e.g. will hearing aids be of benefit or is there a wax blockage causing your hearing problems?

We charge £50 for the hearing test, but this will be removed from any hearing aid purchase that may result from the test.

Wax removal

Wax removal is carried out by an experienced and fully qualified professional. We will generally use the aural microsuction method to remove any wax blockages present. This technique utilises suction via a small nozzle which is placed up to the wax within the ear, all done using a microscope.

Using microsuction is considered safer and more efficient than using the traditional irrigation method (‘syringing’). Your safety is always at the forefront of the procedure.

We charge £35 per ear. Where no wax is found to be present, a charge of £35 is still made to cover the time allowed in the diary.